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Jadeh Abrisham Furnitures


In the Name of the Most High

Seeking assistance from God, we are holding a watchword (we think of the ocean) in mind as a new development to be achieved in a phased goal-setting. For attaining this objective, we have taken homogeneous procedures in which we would appreciate your support and trust. The following clarifications are thus the early stages towards illumination and recognition.



We would like to be renowned as the top brand of Iranian furniture in the Middle East region and worldwide.

Executive procedure: Creating the win/win (customer and company) conviction

  1. Quality Production
  2. Quality Sales
  3. Quality After Sale Services

Focusing on customer's comments (thinking up arrangements so as to convince the customers that their comments on production and sales would be to the benefit of both sides), that is to create a sense of interaction, coordination, and even competition.


Executive procedure

Silk Road Furniture design group have constantly participated in foreign exhibitions as visitors and learned about the latest design products of the world and designed a combination of Iranian art and European and Turkish latest models for production and transferred them to our production team. Accordingly, every month the group adds two new designs to the previous modes in production line and cancels two old models from the production line.

To achieve the qualitative and quantitative goals, the Silk Road Furniture Industries Co. implemented the Quality management system for the first time in Iranian furniture industry in 2002 and received the International Certificate of ISO 9001 2000 from MIC, England.



1. The production team consists of about one hundred specialized and skilled workforce who are occasionally dispatched to Turkey for retraining and renewing their technical expertise.

2. Quality Control Quality control team executes the necessary supervision during production operations and receives and confirms the products in terms of their quality.

3. Guarantee and After Sale Services Team undertakes to issue electronic guarantee cards and product ID cards with specifications of the raw material, product's coding, as well as the customer's specifications for potential lottery and follow-up and tackling the problems of the guaranteed product in the shortest possible time, and of course ensuring customers' satisfaction.



  1. Sales Team, consisting of expert personnel with at least BS degree and high public relation skills trained for consultation and providing for the customers' requirements and interests; as to our opinion, provision of customers' interests is in fact provision of the company's interests, too.
  2. Transportation Team for free-of-charge delivery of the purchased products to the customers' addresses and in-place arrangement of the furniture in a decent and respectful manner.
  3. Public Relation and Advertisement Team which is in mutual contact with the consumers receives the customers' comments and implements them in product and sales in line with the company's goals and under direct supervision of the management.



Raw material is mainly purchased by the managing director and design supervisor form Turkey through the companies we have contract with such as Misplast, Baget, Rekor, Gage, Marmara, etc.

It is worth mentioning that all the consuming tools and even the fabric purchased are required to have quality guarantee certificates.

With full observance of the above issues to achieve optimal results we welcome the comments of our customers and respected friends. Your guiding comments in this regard will be rewarded by presenting to you valuable gifts without lottery.


Public Relation Unit 



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