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Jadeh Abrisham Furniture

Jadeh Abrisham Furniture Co.



    Development project on the Silk Road Furniture Factory became operational on Aug 28, 2008 on a land area of 10,000 square meters consisting over 5000 square meters of industrial hall. Production capacity of the factory, use of the most advanced machinery of the world, and about 100 skilled and professional workforce producing 50 complete sets of furniture and bedroom service is updated as the largest Iranian furniture factory.

    Raw materials, supplies, and even sponges fittings, are mostly imported directly from Manufacturers in Turkey. Fabric used with more than 10 thousand cycles of abrasion testing are purchased from reputable factories in Turkey which is exclusively woven by the order of Silk Road Furniture Company, which is matchless in the market.

    So, for the first time in Iran we guarantee with confidence the fabric used in making furniture for one year against discoloration and wear. Also, because of using industrial metal profiles and solid wood, the hank and the framework of the furniture have 5 years warranty.
No transportation costs are charged, and delivery and arrangements will be done inside the customers residence.